3Digi now with AutoLevel function

3Digi Terminal AutoLevel

As of today, a new often requested feature is available for the 3Digi: the AutoLevel or rescue function.

In unclear situations the heli can be brought back into the horizontal position by operating a switch of the transmitter.

Further included improvements:

  • Improved control feeling filter: smoother cyclic stops combined with better responding control
  • Initial response optimizer: helps you to find a good setting for the initial response
  • Speed flight optimizer: Makes the heli smoother in speed flight passages
  • Improved swash special mixer: allows to mix yaw to swash servos, for tandem, koax and so on
  • Several internal improvements and optimizations

The new firmware can be installed via online update. New versions of Terminal, Jeti-Integration and user guide can be downloaded on this website on the Downloads or Documentation pages.

Before you update you should carefully read the releasenotes!

The new release requires a new version of the Android App. It´s available in the Google Play Store.